About Us

BEDROCK buys existing, cash flow generating, manufactured housing communities throughout the United States.

Through tax efficient structures, Bedrock is able to acquire these communities from existing owners who have liquidity needs, intergenerational transfer issues or would like to simply partner with us given our expertise in creating and increasing economic value.

Our acquisitions are sourced through multiple avenues. We have created irreplaceable relationships with brokers, vendors and other owner and operators in the industry. These relationships are the source of the majority of our deals. Most importantly, all acquisitions are screened through our proprietary model to evaluate the strength of each transaction.

We use our knowledge, experience and third-party relationships to strengthen communities and improve the underlying financials. Years of operational experience allows us to improve occupancy, reduce defaults and improve the community overall.

Our proprietary management approach, as well as our unique ownership transfer processes, create an easy transition for the residents and long term value for our partners.

BEDROCK’s competitive edge generates superior and steady risk adjusted returns for our investors while improving the financials and attractiveness of communities for Americans.

Discovery is looking at what everyone else sees, and seeing what everyone else misses.
Kauffman Foundation
We are running toward that which most people are running away from.
Bruce Berkowitz
Generally, the greater the stigma or revulsion, the better the bargain.
Seth Klarman
Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.
Alan Gotthardt

Key People

  • Ridaa H. Murad Co-Founder
    Ridaa H. Murad

    Ridaa is a Co-Founder of BEDROCK | GROUP and Founder and Chief Investment Officer of BREAKFORM | RE. Ridaa most recently held the position of Principal and Managing Director at Christina Development Corp. Prior to that he held a Vice President position at both HSBC Bank and Barclays Capital where he was in charge of the firms’ Indian Equity Investments and was a member of the Asia Advisory Committee. He was a cofounder of Veda Asset Management, LLC, an alternative investment management firm. Prior to starting Veda Asset Management, Ridaa was an Associate Director and Product Manager at Bear Stearns in the Structured Equity Products division where he built their Market Access Product division for South & South East Asia, a $3 billion portfolio of assets in the region. Ridaa is a John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, a member of the Harrow Association, Urban Land Institute, Building Industry Association of Southern California and the Young Entrepreneurs Council.

  • Austin R. Berk Co-Founder
    Austin R. Berk

    Austin is a Co-Founder of BEDROCK | GROUP Austin has been focused on the manufactured housing space since 2012.  Prior to the Bedrock, Austin managed distressed portfolios across numerous asset classes. Austin has been featured in Bloomberg, Market Watch, and on The Street as an expert on economic trends for both equity and fixed income products. He started his career trading residential mortgage backed securities for Deutsche Bank where he honed his ability to pinpoint undervalued assets for pursuit of profits. A passive investment into a mobile home community led Austin to a deeper understanding of the opportunities in this space and to operating a portfolio of more than 1,500 mobile home sites. Austin brings to the Company experience in every facet of the industry, from sourcing deal flow and performing property due diligence to securing financing and operating parks.


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